The Project


The public-domain oral history project will include a short video documentary, an exhibit of artifacts and photos, presentations at schools and community events and a multimedia website – in conjunction with the institutional archives of University of the Pacific and the Historical Society – to preserve the personal narratives of Cambodian Americans and allow those stories to be used for further education and research.

The interviews and audio and video footage will be housed in these archives and made publicly available in an online digital archive.


The Stockton Cambodian Oral History Project is aimed at educating the community about the richly diverse and unique role Cambodians have played in Stockton’s recent history and their phenomenal contribution to the city’s arts, religion and culture.

Many of those stories are in danger of being lost to history, and collecting them now is imperative to their preservation. With the bulk of the immigration more than three decades behind us, many who lived firsthand through the killing fields, the perilous flight to refugee camps and the daunting task of adapting to their new communities in America are reaching middle or old age, and preserving their stories will serve as a priceless legacy for the generations that follow.

Our mission with this project is not just to highlight the sufferings of their past but to show the Khmer people’s remarkable strength, will and resilience – the affirmative, empowering, redemptive story of their history and their presence here. A public domain oral history project, In collaboration with University of the Pacific, Delta College and the San Joaquin County Historical Society, as well as a documentary, exhibit of artifacts and photos and a complete multimedia website, will help preserve these personal narratives and allow them to be used for further education and research.

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